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Subject: Sandhyaa Vandhanam : Part II Srimath 46th pattam Azhagiya Singar aruL mozhikaL
From: VS <>
Date: 2010-08-21 12:47:02

Dear AastikAs :
In the previous article , we discussed the preliminaries about sandhyaa vandhanam . Today ,we will study the meanings of the AapOhishDaa mantram and its meaning . This mantram is used for Maanasa snAnam . In all Vaidhika Kaaryams , the full phalan is realized , when the meanings of the Veda mantrams are realized .When one does a karmaa with the awareness of the meanings of that mantraa , then the phalans are powerful and full of veeryam . The pramANa slOkam is:
yadhEva vidhyayaa akrOti tadhEva veeryavattaram bhavati iti 
arthajn~a ith sakalam bhadhramaSnutE sa naakamEti jn~Ana vidhUtapApmaa
(Meaning): The vaidhika karmAs done with the understanding of the appropriate Veda mantrams have more potency. When done this way , the Mantrams shower auspiciousness. The performer is removed from all sins and attains svargam .
One should not initiate any one without teaching Rishi , Chandas, dEvatai and vinyOgam . NO one should recite it too . One accrues a lot of sins if he does not follow this rule. Yajn~avalkyaa says that the performer of the karmaaa without knowledge of the mantrams des not gainthe full phalans of the mantra japamanushtAnam with awareness of the meanings of the Mantrams yields karma phalans.
When one does prOkshaNam ( sprinkling ) with AapOhishtA mantrams , one should not sprinkle with huge amounts of water .That huge quantity of water should not fall on the floor. Pitrus and devatAs do not welcome that . The consecrated , sprinkled water should stay on the head and not fall on the unclean areas . When performing sandhyaa standing in a flowing river or PuNya teertam , the vessel holding the water in  earthern, copper, gold , silver or wood is to be preferred . If they are not available , then water can be held in left palm and used for ProKshaNam .
AapOhishtaa Mantram :
1)AapOhishtaa mayO bhuva: = Oh waters ! You act as creators of sukham ! ( maya means sukham).
2)taana UrjE dadhAtana = Oh teetams of this reputation ! Please grant us the foods ! (Urjam means annam).
3)mahEraNAya chakshasE = please grant us lofty and most enjoyable Jn~Anam !
4)yO  vaSSivatamOrama: =are there rasams ( essences) that can  grasp your wonderous sukhams arising from the tongue ? ( ungaLyudaya sukhAdhisayatthirkku kaaraNamAhiya naakinAl grahikkak-koodiya rasamunDO?).
5)tasya iha bhAjayata= Please gain that rasa pravAham (flow) in this world !
How could that be attained ?
6)uSateeriva maatara:= just like the affectionate mothers give the breast milk to their children ,please grant us your nectarine flow ( amruta rasam kodungaL).
7)tasmaa arangamAmava:= May we gain that amruta rasam as much as we need !
8)yasya kshayAya jinvatha = Oh Waters! similar to that amruta rasam that you use to bless our houses to please our residences ,
9) AapO janayathaachana:=  May we attain the amruta rasams that generate children by us throughthe prOkshaNam of the consecrated waters !   
he AapOhishtaa mantram has 9 paadhams incorporated inside it . Sage VyAsar says that one is releved of Mahaa paatakams like Brahma hatti dhOsham  . The proKshaNam with these mantrams converts the waters into sarva dEvatAs and those devatAs cleanse the external limbs of the sandhyaa performer.
For this mantra snAna  mantram, sindhu dhvepa rishi, devi Gaayatri chandas and AapO devataa are invoked . PrOkshaNa viniyOgam is Aapaam prakOshana viniyOgam .
( To be continued )
DhAsan , V.Sadagopan  
P.S : The internal organs are cleansed with the Sooryasccha Mantrams . This will follow