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Subject: Sri Gita Bashyams - Sri Ramanuja and Tatparya Chandrikai of Swami Desikan
From: k sridharan <>
Date: 2010-08-22 00:55:23


Adiyen is happy to inform you about the release of the "INTRODUCTION CHAPTER" Sri Gita Bashyam. You may please visit for downloading the same. This is available from adiyen's blog also (

The content has the FIRST CHAPTER of Sri Gita with the following (Sanskrit moolam and lucid Tamil translations form them):

  1. Gitartha Sangraham of Swami Alawandar
  2. Gitartha Rakshai of Swami Desikan (vyakyanam for above)
  3. Sri Bhagavad Ramanujar's Gita Bashyam
  4. Swami Desikan's Tatparya Chandrikai
  5. Swami Desikan's Gitartha Sangraham
  6. Swami Vadikesari's Gita Venba
Since the chapter contents are huge (adiyen's estimate is that the entire Bashyam would run to 3000 pages), it takes time for typing the Sanskrit moolam, translating them into Tamil. Hence whenever a chapter is ready, it would be uploaded.

Adiyen Dasan